Shri Uttam Sheth has planned a variety of activities for the employees of the restaurant, just to keep up to a better mark on the track. Working should always be fun, it’s what everyone prefers. However, some things are more vividly fixed in our minds rather than other concerns; in case of Shri Uttam Sheth it is the urge for a better restaurant business. Activities play a very important role.

  • Weekly employee outings

    Weekly employee outings

    To freshen up the mind to be peaceful one must have hi/her refreshment from time to time. He takes care of that necessity with utmost care. At the same time, being diverted to work is a goal. The employees carry their brochure(s) for promotion to various places as they travel for holiday and distribute it to people.

  • Online Marketing

    Online Marketing

    Having a website and offering the menu in the website to process orders and home delivery to a certain radius is a very common, but effective way of bettr service. Technology and the Internet have created more low-cost opportunities to engage with the customer. With various offers, Shri Uttam Sheth is also able to grasp the market better off.

  • Own Signature Products

    Own Signature Products

    This concept demands the taste to grasp the customer back to back from time after time. Having a special list in the menu that nobody else can offer is ‘special’. It is as good as monopoly of a particular type of food in the menu. Example: Speciality of pizza in Italy.

  • Feedbacks


    The customer feedback is a customer’s idea or personalization of the customer to obtain better results in the market, as their ideas get implimented to keep the market warm and ongoing.

  • Daily Deals

    Daily Deals

    In daily deals, an offer is provided evryday for that particular day, for the customers. This is a great source of interest to a few customers to become regular on a local basis. Everyone has a special place for food to visit for the same reason.