Uttam Sheth Achievments


Because the restaurant has taken much of the hard work out of stock management, Restaurant Managers like Shri Uttam Sheth, are able to spend more time focusing on delivering high standards of Quality to the people on the table, Service and Cleanliness are just part of the protocol. Customers are happy because they can be sure the item they want is on the menu as they have witnessed the staff to cook it in front of them that particular day.

Efficient stock management is essential to any business. It enables the business to operate in a responsible way for Shri Uttam Sheth. The system also minimises waste in the order he works. Efficient use of materials means that society's resources are being used well with very few waste products which is a speciality. For example, fewer materials end up as waste in landfill sites everyday.

This leads to a reduction in costs for Shri Uttam Sheth, which is appreciated. Due to lower costs the restaurant can pass the benefits on to customers which is not heavy in their pockets, making him a tykoon; providing better service and lower prices to visitors with a demand. The reduction of waste provides a complete win/win/win situation for the restaurant that he operates; his customers and wider society seem satisfied.



It was a successful step to take by Shri Uttam Sheth. He was able to pay a detailed attention to details which is the most important concept in developing a restaurant. Proper planning and creativity made the rest of his concept come easy. Once he has a vision of the establishment, he can begin to focus on the menu, staffing needs and other requirements with the customer needs.

The benefits for Shri Uttam Sheth include: